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Maron’s is a luxury concept store located in the pearl Qatar,  our products range mainly in Perfumes, Watches and Daily Accessories, such as; pens, leather goods and other great stuff we have find around the world and brought back to our customers in Doha.

Our main focus is to create an unforgettable store experience, by finding products that are not available anywhere and deliver the highest level of customer service.

And that what our customers love us for, as we are so unique and a very pleasant place to be in.

A place for everyday luxury 


The Legend

We See things diffrantly 


Maron’s is a mythical island said to be found in the Erythrean sea, no one knows where it is, yet legends says that it has a city rich with gold & resources, and many sailors have spent their life looking for it with no results.

Also Maron's is the Arabic name of the Rose of the Beach a special kind of rose that lives on the shores, that have a very unique & fresh smell that make it without a doubt the the most pleasant scent that can be inhaled on any shore in this vast word.

Maron's is unique company that have developed many successful partnership over the years and introduced many new brands to the Qatari market. We tailor each brand plan to its requirement and local market expectation, which insures a smooth brand launch and an efficient sales & marketing strategy. 

Our main focus is customer service, we have a very high stander that we follow and we have trained over the years many great employees to deliver the best customer experience, they are very knowledgeable and will welcome you with the warmest Arabian hospitality.  

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