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Six unique olfactory masterpieces, with their precious ingredients. The intense aroma of the island’s yellow gold flowers, saffron; the sweet scent of the fig leaves with their underlying musky and woody fragrances; the fresh notes of the seaweed. With each scent our mind embarks on a journey, the name taking us back in time, to the historic past of Sardinia.


KARALY is a warm and captivating fragrance. It contains oriental notes that reflect the story of the numerous peoples who arrived in Sardinia by way of the Mediterranean, a sea whose depths carry a wealth of mystery, being strewn with ships that have sunk accompanied by their precious cargos of amphorae and treasures. Its symbol represents the sun, the brightest of the stars, such as those adorning the baskets painstakingly crafted using wickerwork, precisely in honour of the City of the Sun, Cagliari.

TOP Mandarin, Violet leaf, Davana
HEART Rose ess. & abs., Geranium
BASE Oud Accord, Sandalwood, Buckskin, Incense

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